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I am a New Englander, born and bred, as well as a self-professed “Gym Rat” and chocoholic.

Writing has been a creative outlet for me since junior high school, starting with very bad poetry and more recently, fairly good (in my humble opinion) song lyrics. I have a notebook full in various stages of completion, and if I ever become adept enough at piano, which is doubtful, I hope to one day write some songs (it’s on the Bucket List). FYI, if there are any musicians reading this looking for lyrics, I would love to collaborate.

I have been a Hospice companion volunteer since 2005 and intend to someday write about my life-altering relationships with people at the end stage of life and their families.

After semi-retiring in December of 2012, I found myself with the discretionary time required to write novels, and doing so has opened up an exciting new world for me. Writing a novel has always been in the corner recess of my mind as a “Someday.” Well,  “Someday” has arrived. I am awed and astounded by the self-fulfillment this process has afforded me. Like any author, I wistfully dream of making the best sellers’ list one day, but if I never make a dollar from my writing, this will still stand out as one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.



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