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I just came home from the Cape where I had a 3 day  brainstorming/editing marathon with Linda Colgan,  my Web Designer Extraodinaire/Editor. We worked tirelessly each day from the early morning until late night, only stopping to eat and take one walk to give our aching derrieres a break.  Last night, by 10 p.m.,  neither of us could see straight, we had spent so much time buried in the computer and manuscript.  I was a little punch drunk. (Or maybe it was the Cosmo I had with dinner.) Thank you, Linda, for your dedication and encouragement, I couldn’t do this without you.   We are hoping to get the web site up and running by the weekend and are currently trying to upload Music of Souls to Authonomy and Wattpad (few technical difficulties, of course.)   Editing is a lot more time consuming than I expected.  Every time I read the book, I find at least two glaring mistakes that make me ask “How in God’s name did I miss this last time?”  Honestly, I am suspicious that editing Gremlins exist.  This journey keeps getting more exciting for me.  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. 

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