The Beginning – 1/8/13

When I sold my business, the first thing I did with my new found time is read more, much more. I had just finished a Vampire romance that left me unsatisfied, mostly with the characters. (NO, it was not a Twilight book, I love them.)  I have always thought someday I would write a novel and as I was pondering just what it was about that book I would change to make it more to my liking, my little voice said “Duh! If you don’t write your book now, then when?”  I didn’t have a snappy comeback for my little voice so went to the app store in search of a novel writing app and found one.  I started Music Of Souls that day, although the original title was Destiny Embraced. Thus began my obsession. I never dreamed writing a novel would be so life altering for me and I still am in awe of the joy and fulfillment it gives me.  I wake up every morning thinking of my characters and tingle with anticipation for what will happen next. Often, I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea that I need to get on paper before I forget.

When I was about 10,000 words into Music of Souls I worried that I would not have enough for a full 60,000-80,000 word novel. (Starting a novel is one thing, FINISHING is entirely different and much more daunting.) Much to my surprise, by 30,000 words in, I was worried I had too much for an average length novel.  I consider that to be a very good thing.  Music of Souls, before final editing stands at about 72,300 words. As I was nearing the end, I actually started to get depressed.  (What will I do without my people?). Luckily, I had an idea for another book and that re-sparked my enthusiasm.
I consider this to be one of my greatest accomplishments and although many people will label my book drivel, I don’t care.  I didn’t set out to write great literature, I consider my writing “Cotton Candy for the Heart”.  It makes me feel good and if it does the same for others I will happily be called a hack.

I am currently working on two Romance novels (not Paranormal) and have notes for three others. I will possibly do a sequel to Music of Souls. I didn’t intend to originally, but I really miss my characters and they keep finding a way into my sub-conscience with new ideas.  Lets face it, Jackson Parrish is a tough guy to get over.

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