Bittersweet Accomplishment

I have  finished the first draft of  Chance Inheritance and am vacillating between melancholy and joy.  The happiness from the accomplishment is offset by a near mourning for the characters.  Saying goodbye to them is tough. When I finished Music of  Souls, I felt this way somewhat, however,  I knew there was a possibility for a sequel one day and I could once again enmesh myself in the character’s lives.  Chance Inheritance will not have  a sequel,  so I need to let them go.  I won’t post the quote about “parting”; it’s too cliche, but true.

Chance will be undergoing edits for a few weeks, and then will be uploaded to Amazon Kindle books.  I have decided to enroll it in their KDP select program, which offers limited marketing.  The terms for the service require an exclusive, so I will be unable to  post the entire manuscript anywhere else.  I will post samples here, on Wattpad,  Authonomy and Public bookshelf with links to the Kindle store. The book will cost $1.99, but will be available for free once a month.  Anyone who subscribes to my Random Rants will be notified of the free dates.

Stay tuned for updates. 😉


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