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Chance Inheritance – My second book draws on real-life experiences and lifelong friendships mixed with a bit of fantasy.

Life is a gamble. The key to happiness is making peace with the outcome, even when you land on the wrong side of the bet.

G–is for Gretchen: Cynical, brutally honest, impulsive, loyal. The Enforcer.
A–is for Allison: Kindhearted, optimistic, accepting, non-judgmental. The Nurturer.
L–is for Leslie: Stoic, steadfast, levelheaded, unemotional. The Analyst.

Gretchen Nowak was dealt a lousy hand in the game of life. Her luck changed when she met Allison Clark and Leslie Patrick.

The GALs share a unique bond that carries them through life. Whenever triumph or heartache arises, they coalesce and face it together.

To view and/or download a pdf of the first 10 chapters, CLICK HERE.


Chance Inheritance is enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select program which prohibits me from posting the entire manuscript anywhere else.

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