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I have decided to put my next book on hold and begin the sequel to Music Of Souls once Chance Inheritance is e-published. This wasn’t my original plan. Initially,  I did not intend to write a sequel at all, but since nearly every reviewer has asked, if not demanded, I will obey. LOL 

 The tipping point for me was when a reviewer was so adamant, she actually listed all the points I should cover in the sequel. How can I ignore this contagious  enthusiasm? My excitement has taken hold and I can’t stop thinking about it. 

My notes and timeline are growing daily, but I have made a commitment to do some marketing before digging in and letting the book take my life over.  Not an easy task, because I hate marketing almost as much as I love writing. Ugh!!

I am planning to write Music’s sequel (tentatively titled Destiny’s Opus) from Elisabeth’s point of view. I would love feedback from readers on that decision. Do you want to get into her head or stay in Jackson’s? If enough fans of the couple want to stay in Jackson’s POV I will reconsider, but so far, I like the idea of her perspective this time around.  If you are firmly team Jackson, bear in mind that the reader wouldn’t be able to attend the wolf’s moon festival with Elisabeth, but only hear about it as she relates the events to Jackson.  Hmmm, would she tell him everything that happened?  Food for thought, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

I am immensely grateful to everyone who has read and commented on my book. You have given me the priceless gift of your time and opinions, making my passion for writing  even stronger.  

Next Rant should be announcing Chance’s publication. :))))))


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3 comments on “I’m Listening
  1. Linda C says:

    looking forward to the release of Chance Inheritance.

  2. Ganesh A Y says:

    Waiting for the next book 🙂

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