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Music of Souls is my first book. It is a story of friendship, true love, destiny, and the belief that all souls hold their own music. 

Jackson Parrish and Sarah Carrington are not only best friends, they are vampires extraordinaire. Their well-heeled refinement perfects the illusion of humanity.

Jackson is a hedonistic philanderer with a strict set of rules regarding women.  Other than the devout friendship he shares with Sarah, his only emotional involvement is a passion for music. His carefree existence is derailed when he meets Elisabeth Sidwell who shatters his long held convictions.

Sarah is a hopeless romantic in endless pursuit of “The One”.  When she gives her heart away, once more, and Jackson opens his at last, the quandary that a relationship between the living and the undead present is the least of the obstacles they face.

There are several ways to read this book and I have listed the sources and the links below. This page will be updated as the book gets formatted for different websites.

Open it MOS-Rev4-6-15. By clicking on the link, you will be able to read  the book in another window.

PDF VIEW: Prefer PDF? This format works well for adding it to your iTunes library as well as printing it out if you prefer to read your books in printed form. The document that opens in a new page can be saved to your desktop by clicking on the “download” link in the upper corner of the screen after you open the email and click on the link (warning: the printed format is 233 pages). Note NEW VERSION–4/6/15

Wattpad — An account is not needed in order to read books in Wattpad; however you will need an account (it is Free) in order to write a review.

PublicBookshelf — The #1 place to read romance (free)

If you would rather the Nook or Kindle edition, Music of Souls is available on both sites for just 99 cents.

  • Amazon “Kindle” Version
  • Barnes & Noble “Nook” Version


NOTE: No matter what format or website you choose in order to read my story, please review my book when you’re done. With your feedback I may get published one day.  Enjoy!

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