My Books – Eternity’s Opus

The music plays on.
The inhabitants of Fairhaven continue their elegant, albeit otherworldly lifestyle.
Since the major threat to their well-being has been destroyed, they assume tranquility will ensue.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Elisabeth’s pack delivers an ultimatum, Jackson is offered a life-changing opportunity, Connor betrays Sarah’s trust, and a friend requests a favor that will cost them all a piece of their souls.
The destiny of Jackson and Elisabeth’s union is revealed in ways none imagined, creating obstacles far more challenging than any before—with even higher stakes.

To view and/or download a pdf of the first 11 chapters, CLICK HERE


Eternity’s Opus is enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select program which prohibits me from posting the entire manuscript anywhere else.

To continue reading, the link below will bring you directly to the full book on Amazon (if not, simply copy the link and paste in your browser window):

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