Round Two

I have just finished uploading the first six chapters of  Chance Inheritance to  I am almost finished with the first draft, but want to get some feedback.  Here is the link for my author’s page.  I would appreciate any constructive criticism.

This is just as exciting and scary for me as the first time around.  It still amazes me how much fulfillment I  derive from writing, and what a sense of accomplishment comes with posting my work.

I have edited the first chapters of Chance with much help from a wonderful Australian author and friend, D.J. Meyers. You should all check out his work: 

My favorite is The Gargoyle Chronicles. Don’t let the title fool you. You’ll laugh,  you’ll cry, you’ll fall in love with a piece of stone! Here’s the link to the book on Authonomy: 

My next writing will be an extensive edit on Music of  Souls. I will be adding a chapter that deals with Jackson and Sarah turning into vampires. I’m still taking notes for the sequel, but plan to finish Chance Inheritance,  Out of Tune and possibly one more first. (unless of course Music gets published, in which case I’ll get right on the sequel.)  HAA, fat chance.  Stay tuned!

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