Teaser is up!

I have uploaded eight chapters of Eternity’s Opus to Authonomy.com. Here is the link for anyone interested:

Sorry—Link Removed. Authonomy has closed its doors on 9-30-15.
Eternity’s Opus is available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Music-Souls~~Eternitys-Opus-JJ-Kendrick-ebook/dp/B00Z24Q6KC

You have to register to read anything, but Authonomy never sends spam, and there are a lot of great books to read for free there. Give it a try, you know you want to. 🙂  You might just find a new favorite author.  Oooh, pick me, please, pick me!

I have passed the halfway point of Eternity’s Opus and the last chapter is written. The characters have taken over, which is my favorite part of writing. It’s magic! Happy reading folks.

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