Thank you, Storm Juno!!!!!!!

It has been challenging for me to find the quiet time and the mind-set for writing of late, but the unexpected day off from work courtesy of Storm Juno afforded me an entire day free from distractions to work on Eternity’s Opus. I am thrilled to announce that I wrote THE END on the first draft last night. Jackson et al have once again left the building – so to speak. Eternity’s Opus still needs loads of editing and revising before publishing, but I can accomplish that in sprints rather than marathons.
I will be posting free days for Chance Inheritance soon, and I am still offering to send a sneak peak of Music of Souls—Eternity’s Opus to anyone who is kind enough to leave a review for either of my books on Amazon. Happy reading!

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3 comments on “Thank you, Storm Juno!!!!!!!
  1. Sue Hart says:

    I am thrilled to think that there is another book on the way. I love all your books and already itch to get my eyes on the new one. Do you have a name for the book yet?

  2. Norman says:

    Congratulations Jo

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