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The sequel to Music of Souls, titled Eternity’s Opus, is coming along.  I’m nearly a third of the way through and rolling. I am offering a sneek peek of the first 3 chapters to anyone who leaves a review on Amazon for either Music of Souls or Chance Inheritance.  Kind of a cheeky move, you say?  I know, but if I don’t get reviews, my books won’t be noticed, and I will have to get a day job, which will seriously interfere with writing. 🙁

So, if you leave a review, just send me a message and I will email the first 3 chapters of Eternity’s Opus. Review both books and I’ll send 5 chapters.

I will be having another free promotion on Amazon for Chance Inheritance soon. Stay tuned.  Romance is in the air.

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Amazon link for Chance Inheritance:


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